Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    11 February 2011
  2. Case study
    17 August 2012
  3. News
    03 February 2012

    Priority for trams in central Budapest (Hungary)

    572 reads More than half a million passengers will enjoy faster and more regular tram services from February as a result of a new public transport initiative led by the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK)....

  4. Case study
    20 June 2013
  5. News
    14 December 2012

    New smart traffic management system improves traffic flow in Budapest (Hungary)

    854 reads A new smart technology-based system was installed at the busiest entry-point of Budapest, with the aim to divert traffic away from congested areas. The system tackles the bottleneck in Budapest&...

  6. Case study
    25 June 2013
  7. Case study
    20 February 2007
  8. News
    21 April 2011

    New driving style monitor saves fuel and increases safety (Hungary)

    597 reads A new ‘Traffilog’ system to monitor driving style has been installed on 91 buses in Pecs, Hungary and are expected to increase passenger comfort and reduce energy-consumption. The system monitors...

  9. News
    18 August 2011

    Innovative traffic solution installed for improved road safety (Hungary)

    489 reads A new, solar-powered, LED light emitting prism has been installed into the road surface in Szeged to warn drivers of crossing pedestrians. The new light-emitting prisms were installed at a busy...

  10. Case study
    10 July 2015