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  1. News
    11 December 2012

    1,000 cyclists on a GPS-based relay race (Denmark)

    654 reads Like many other Danish cities, Fredericia wants more people to jump on a bike. The city's goal is to reach a 25% modal share, but this requires new and more effective measures. Previously,...

  2. News
    07 January 2015

    13 fast charging points connecting Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark)

    1822 reads Denmark has committed to increasing the number of fast electric vehicle charging points on its highways with 13 new sites installed in late 2014 and more planned for 2015. The most recent...

  3. Event
    03 June 2013

    21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    775 reads Language English English The 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition will take place at Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark from 3 to 7 June 2013. The Conference will discuss major issues...

  4. Case study
    04 April 2015
  5. News
    05 February 2018

    Aarhus commuters travel light

    2184 reads The City of Aarhus has inaugurated the first part of its light rail network, the Aarhus Letbane. On 21 December, it opened the first phase the network, a 12-kilometer loop that services 12...

  6. Case study
    02 January 2019
  7. Case study
    04 April 2015
  8. News
    01 November 2013

    Aarhus uses Bluetooth technology to monitor traffic (Denmark)

    1028 reads Travel times and traffic flow throughout the metropolitan area of Denmark’s second city will be monitored by a new traffic monitoring system. Aarhus has conducted eight months of testing the...

  9. Case study
    14 March 2008
  10. Case study
    15 March 2007