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  1. News
    10 August 2012

    100% clean buses for the centre of Madrid (Spain)

    438 reads Madrid gets its first seven hybrid buses, which will operate in city’s central Low Emission Zone (Zona de Bajas Emisiones). These seven hybrid buses, with natural compressed gas and electricity,...

  2. News
    07 February 2012

    100% electric, folding and high-tech: Hiriko, the city car of the future (Spain)

    2137 reads Hiriko is a new concept electric city car designed at MIT Media Lab in Boston (USA) and now commercialised by a consortium of automotive suppliers in the Basque region of Spain. Hiriko was...

  3. News
    09 February 2011

    150 km new bicycle lanes helps to reduce CO2 emissions (Spain)

    477 reads In the region of Andalucía, 150 km new bicycle lanes will be constructed and 20 existing lanes improved which is predicted to reduce CO2 emissions in the region by 47.438 tons per year. Thanks to...

  4. Event
    08 March 2017

    1st European Conference on Sustainable Mobility at Universities

    Language English 2862 reads Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona English During 3 days, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) will become an international centre for knowledge transfer and networking among...

  5. Event
    11 December 2012

    1st International Meeting on Mobility Management

    246 reads Language English The Standardization, key of success in Spain English Under the leadership of the Traffic Department from the Spanish Home Office (Dirección General de Tráfico, DGT) and the Madrid...

  6. Event
    27 November 2014

    2014 Annual Polis Conference

    1748 reads Language English The Annual Polis Conference provides an opportunity for cities, metropolitan areas and regions to showcase their transport achievements to a large audience and for the wider...

  7. Event
    05 October 2016

    2016 European Transport Conference

    Language English 1873 reads English The conference attracts transport practitioners and researchers from all over Europe where they can find in-depth presentations on policy issues, best practice and...

  8. News
    08 March 2013

    22% more transport cards sold in 2012 in Andalucia (Spain)

    961 reads In the nine transport consortiums of Andalucia, a total of 881,236 transport cards are in use, facilitating the introduction of integrated tariffs. In 2012, transport card sales were 22% higher...

  9. Event
    19 September 2018

    24th International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment

    1357 reads Language English English The International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment has been successfully reconvened for nearly 25 years, always attracting a wide international spread of...

  10. News
    04 October 2012

    3,000 Andalusians drive hybrid cars thanks to regional subsidies (Spain)

    837 reads A total of 3,080 people in Andalucia have applied to the Andalucian Energy Agency for subsidies for the purchase of hybrid cars. The residents of Andalucia can purchase a hybrid vehicle in the...