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    16 February 2012

    'Live, don’t drive'- communication campaign in Milan (Italy)

    642 reads A communication campaign has been launched by the Province of Milano, together with Autoguidovie, in order to convince residents to choose the bus as an easy, time-saving, environmentally friendly...

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    23 July 2019


    497 reads Turning visionary approaches into planning policies and tools. The transformation of cities and regions into smarter and more sustainable places starts with planning. Choosing the right mix of...

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    01 January 2015

    4 000 Trentino citizens sign sustainable mobility petition (Italy)

    2291 reads Almost 4 000 citizens of Trentino have signed a petition to implement a new bill on sustainable mobility in the province. The proposed bill has been handed over to president of Trentino, Bruno...

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    23 May 2012

    A cycling calendar for Bolzano (Italy)

    1616 reads The city of Bolzano has presented both new and established cycling initiatives in a single cycling calendar. For several years Bolzano has been committed to reducing the presence of cars in the...

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    04 April 2012

    A free green bus service promotes sustainable mobility in Fiumicino (Italy)

    890 reads The new Green Bus Service started as a pilot project in Fiumicino (near Rome) on the 1st of March. It is run by the Municipality and co-funded with the Ministry of Environment. It will be tested...

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    02 March 2011

    A new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan has been approved in Turin (Italy)

    701 reads On the 7th of February 2011 the Municipality of Turin in Northern Italy approved a new Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) with the aim of reducing traffic congestion as well as greenhouse...

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    26 January 2012

    A new way of travelling by bicycle: the subway” network of Pesaro (Italy)

    376 reads “Bicipolitana” is a project for the development of a surface subway network for bikes in Pesaro. The scheme is like the one adopted for subway/underground networks all around the world. The basis...

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    19 January 2012

    A package of innovative vehicles and tools to foster electric mobility in Modena (Italy)

    426 reads Electric Mobility Cities (Città a mobilità Elettrica) is a pilot project that aims to demonstrate that the clean and sustainable mobility concept is applicable in our cities. It provides...

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    02 December 2016

    A smart city means an inclusive city ...

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    01 October 2012

    A soft cushion” to protect children travelling on the school bus (Italy)

    1505 reads A new airbag incorporated in the car seat was presented at the Commercial Vehicles International Motor Show in Hanover. The airbag, patented by the Italian company Dainese, is known as D-air. It...