Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Tool
    19 February 2015

    ADVANCE guidelines- auditing sustainable urban mobility plans

    6579 reads As Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and associated principles and methodologies become better known across Europe, it is important to ensure that the development and implementation of...

  2. Case study
    21 February 2012
  3. Case study
    15 September 2011
  4. Case study
    14 September 2011
  5. Case study
    14 September 2011
  6. Tool
    17 August 2016

    CHUMS Carpool Site Appraisal Tool

    3811 reads This tool enables a quick assessment of a candidate site’s suitability for carpooling and indicates (in a very general manner) the likely impacts of introducing the CHUMS measures as well as...

  7. Tool
    19 July 2016

    CIVITAS Policy Note- Cities towards Mobility 2.0: connect, share and go!

    4850 reads With this policy note, CIVITAS WIKI provides cities with a comprehensive overview on shared-mobility concepts and practices and to offer guidance to decision-/policy-makers and urban mobility...

  8. Case study
    14 September 2011
  9. Case study
    07 April 2014
  10. Tool
    11 December 2014

    Developing sustainable urban mobility in poly-centric regions

    7805 reads It is not only cities that can be involved in sustainable urban mobility planning; regions with several urban centres can benefit significantly from this process, as goods and services (and...