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  1. News
    28 February 2019

    Adjusting tuition hours lowers peak demand during rush hour

    953 reads Adjusting the starting times of teaching hours at has worked very well against overcrowded trains and buses in the City of Nijmegen (The Netherlands). Even on the main access roads to the Campus...

  2. Case study
    14 August 2007
  3. Case study
    04 January 2011
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    02 April 2020

    Amsterdam is using cooperation models to improve its urban transportation

    21 reads Amsterdam is famous for bicycles- and cyclists. Statistically, every single inhabitant of the city owns a bicycle. In 2017, a bicycle sharing system entered Amsterdam with two more services...

  5. Case study
    02 July 2007
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    13 May 2019

    Amsterdam to ban most petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030

    1156 reads Amsterdam’s city council has announced plans to phase out many types of petrol and diesel vehicle in a bid to clean up air pollution in the city. According to the authorities in the Dutch city,...

  7. Case study
    10 January 2013
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    04 July 2007
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    17 December 2012
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    05 February 2008