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    09 May 2019

    Alcorcón’s City Council launches a pilot system of priority traffic lights for its buses

    1075 reads The City Council of Spanish Alcorcón, located in the Metropolitan area of Madrid, has announced the launch of a pilot project giving priority to traffic lights for buses, with the aim of speeding...

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    09 December 2019

    Barcelona plans for low emission zone by giving out free public transport cards

    10 εμφανίσεις From the start of 2020, the Spanish city of Barcelona and its adjacent municipalities, will ban the most polluting vehicles from their roads on weekdays between 7.00 and 20.00. This will...

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    26 December 2018

    Barcelona will host the new EU centre on urban mobility

    1943 reads The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) – an independent body of the European Union set up in 2008 to boost innovation and entrepreneurship across Europe- has announced the...

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    05 June 2019

    Bilbao leads the commitment to sustainable mobility in Spain

    1244 reads Bilbao tops the ranking of the main Spanish cities for its commitment to sustainable mobility thanks to an increase in the cities pedestrian zones, according to a study conducted by Greenpeace....

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    18 March 2019

    Car restrictions in Madrid boost retail spending and improve air quality

    934 reads New studies have highlighted the benefits of Madrid’s decision to limit car access to the city centre. Madrid closed its central business district to cars during the 2018 Christmas period. A study...

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    18 September 2018

    Electric mobility: opportunities and challenges ...

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    29 May 2019

    EU project boosts use of electric vehicles in Valladolid

    stakeholder involvement ...

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    29 October 2018

    Madrid cuts speed limit and announces new rules on roads

    1548 reads Last week the new Sustainable Mobility Ordinance came into force in the City of Madrid, promoted by the City Council. The measure aims to regulate new forms of urban and shared mobility for the...

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    30 September 2019

    Madrid's low emission zone identified as one of the most effective in the EU

    284 reads In recent years, many cities around Europe have been introducing low emission zones in order to reduce air pollution, particularly in city centres. A recent report from Transport & Environment...

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    10 September 2018

    Madrid's new Mobility Plan places restrictions on electric scooters

    e-mobility scooter model, as will the news that the scooters are classified as toys and therefore cannot be ...