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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    16 June 2014

    85 per cent of Latvians ride bicycles daily, new data reveals

    1263 reads A new survey shows that over eight in ten people in Latvia use a bike to get to work or school. But many respondents also indicated a number of areas that needed attention to improve cycling in...

  2. Case study
    05 December 2007
  3. News
    06 February 2019

    App purchases on public transport helped Latvians save 55 years’ worth of time in 2018

    974 reads App purchases in public transport are on the rise in Latvia. Over the course of 2018, mobile payments of public transport and parking tickets helped residents save around 5 minutes for every...

  4. Event
    14 May 2012

    BALTRIS Training on Road Safety

    Language English 308 reads Network Safety Management and Road Safety Impact Assessment BALTRIS is a project within the European Union’s Baltic Sea Region Programme 2007-2013, a programme that promotes...

  5. Case study
    04 June 2020
  6. News
    07 July 2011

    Comprehensive upgrades in public transport in Riga (Latvia)

    602 reads Based on a long-term development programme of the City of Riga (accepted in 2002), the local public transport service is being upgraded through a systematic replacement of rolling stock and the...

  7. News
    08 November 2016

    Daugavpils gives pensioners free public transport (Latvia)

    1958 reads The city of Daugavpils in Latvia is to follow in the footsteps of the capital Riga and provide pensioners with free public transport. The measure is set to be introduced from next year and will...

  8. Case study
    24 June 2020
  9. News
    06 September 2012

    Exploring Riga by bike becomes more popular among tourists (Latvia)

    868 reads In 2011 the number of cyclists on the streets of Riga at least tripled compared with the previous year. Most trips are recreational, but there is a growing trend of bike commuting too. In Latvia,...

  10. News
    07 June 2016

    First 100% electric air-supported ferry launched (Latvia)

    1983 reads An EU project has designed a ferry that runs entirely on battery power, which it claims is the world’s fastest air-supported vessel. The BB Green, which holds up to 70 passengers plus bikes, was...