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    06 October 2014

    Bucharest to develop intermodal transport infrastructure (Romania)

    2156 reads Bucharest's city council has approved a measure to develop intermodal transport infrastructure to allow easy transitions between use of public transport and walking and cycling.   The plans...

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    20 October 2014

    New intermodal terminal set for eastern Romanian city

    3104 reads A city in one of the poorest counties in eastern Romania is preparing to open a new bus terminal as a five-year project to improve intermodality nears completion.  Set to dramatically transform...

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    17 November 2011

    New proposals for intermodal train-bus stations in Bucharest (Romania)

    535 reads The three public transport providers of Bucharest are to analyse the possibility of developing intermodal train-bus stations to ensure smooth transition between transport modes and to synchronise...

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    05 January 2012

    Start for intermodal public transport belt around Bucharest (Romania)

    298 reads In October 2011 the Romanian Ministry of Transport approved the establishment of a working group to identify the best solutions for rehabilitation of the existing railway line belt around the...