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    16 December 2011

    100% electric bus service in Lisbon city centre (Portugal)

    1352 reads Portuguese Christmas holiday shoppers have one more reason to visit Lisbon’s downtown. The city has inaugurated a free bus service, using a completely electric vehicle. The city of Lisbon, with...

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    23 July 2019

    Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility in Madeira approved

    346 reads An Action Plan for Sustainable Mobility in the Autonomous Region of Madeira (PAMUS RAM) was approved at the end of June. The plan is vital to efforts to transition towards clean, inclusive and...

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    22 March 2018

    Applications of ICTs in urban mobility

    1210 reads   The “Cooperative Information platform for low carbon and sustainable mobility” (CISMOB) project, funded under the Interreg Europe Programme, recently organised a discussion forum on transport...

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    02 October 2013

    B-Track-B aims to push bicycle culture forward

    745 reads The European project B-Track-B (Bike-the-Track-Track-the-Bike) will demonstrate how modern technology can be used to get more people cycling during an event on Friday 25 October 2013 in Lisbon ...

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    23 September 2011

    Baixa-Chiado metro station branding and naming rights acquired (Portugal)

    informative projections, which are organised into categories ranging from “News” (with updated general news ...

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    24 December 2014

    Braga reverses trend in public transport decline (Portugal)

    2188 reads Braga has reversed a decade-long decline in bus travellers and is set to report a passenger increase of nearly 1 per cent in 2014, according to the local public transport operator. In 2004...

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    08 December 2015

    Braga students create accessibility map (Portugal)

    1305 reads A group of students from Braga has created a free map showing how people with reduced mobility can best navigate the Portuguese city and its sights. The map was created by students studying a...

  8. News
    06 January 2020

    Braga's SUMP nears completion

    13 peržiūrų Towards the end of 2019, the Portuguese Municipality of Braga hosted a session that aimed to present and collect contributions that might be included in the final version of the city’s...

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    13 December 2016

    Bragança to improve pedestrian accessibility (Portugal)

    1769 reads The municipality of Bragança is working on a mobility plan that will help pedestrians and people with reduced mobility walk around the city safely and more efficiently. The programme, ‘Bragança...

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    26 April 2017

    Call opened for demonstrations and sponsors for CIVITAS Forum Conference 2017

    1451 reads A call for sponsors and demonstrations has been opened for the next CIVITAS Forum Conference, which will take place from 27-29 September in Torres Vedras, Portugal. The CIVITAS Forum is the...