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  1. News
    27 September 2011

    A central purchasing agency for public transport (France)

    261 reads The French association for independent public transport, Agir, has launched a central agency allowing local transport authorities to pool their purchases of buses, coaches, fuel, tyres, bus...

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    25 January 2012

    A river shuttle in Calais (France)

    380 reads The intercommunity urban transport union of Calais (SITAC) has formalised its decision to command a new river shuttle amounting to €750,000. Service will begin in 2013. This project will create a...

  3. News
    26 February 2013

    Accessibility in Île-de-France improved by tramway network extension (France)

    636 reads Starting in November 2012 three tramway lines have been extended and others are being developed in Île-de-France. According to local authorities these projects will considerably improve the...

  4. News
    26 March 2012

    Autolib’ goes up to the surface in Lyon (France)

    344 reads Autolib’, the car-sharing service proposed by the car park company Lyon Parc Auto, has enlarged its offer and become more visible. In a turning point for the company, 14 new stations have been...

  5. News
    08 August 2018

    Bombardier and Île-de-France Mobilités modernise commuter trains in Paris

    1026 reads Paris commuters to benefit from modernised trains in an effort to manage urban congestion. Rail technology company, Bombardier Transportation, has received an order for 36 Francilien train sets...

  6. News
    03 November 2011

    Bordeaux's transport system representing 100 million trips per year and 54.7 million passengers (France)

    735 reads Bordeaux Metropole faces the challenge of providing an efficient and accessible public transport system for 720.000 inhabitants. Moreover, the Bordeaux Metropolitan Area serves 1.1 million...

  7. News
    24 January 2012

    Contract signed in Grenoble to build the city around the tram (France)

    263 reads The axis contract, a new tool to articulate town planning and transport in Grenoble, has been signed by the transport authorities and municipalities. The first contract has been signed by SMTC ...

  8. News
    21 December 2012

    Dijon celebrates its first two tram lines (France)

    671 reads After two years of hard work, Dijon witnessed a historic moment this autumn: the inauguration of its first tram line. In December the second line opened. The tramway will be an integral part of...

  9. News
    15 February 2012

    Dynamic seating capacity in the bus of the future (France)

    845 reads The European bus manufacturer Irisbus has presented the innovative concept of a modular bus seat: it allows the capacity of the vehicle to be adapted without loss of comfort for passengers. As...

  10. News
    09 September 2011

    Final results of carsharing experiment in Vercors (France)

    727 reads At the end of 2010 the General Council of Isere launched a car sharing experiment with electric vehicles for the inhabitants of Vercors. The experiment can be called a success. Rather than a...