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  1. News
    27 September 2011

    A central purchasing agency for public transport (France)

    261 reads The French association for independent public transport, Agir, has launched a central agency allowing local transport authorities to pool their purchases of buses, coaches, fuel, tyres, bus...

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    25 January 2012

    A river shuttle in Calais (France)

    380 reads The intercommunity urban transport union of Calais (SITAC) has formalised its decision to command a new river shuttle amounting to €750,000. Service will begin in 2013. This project will create a...

  3. News
    26 February 2013

    Accessibility in Île-de-France improved by tramway network extension (France)

    636 reads Starting in November 2012 three tramway lines have been extended and others are being developed in Île-de-France. According to local authorities these projects will considerably improve the...

  4. News
    06 March 2012

    An official experience of participative hitch-hiking (France)

    2239 reads The Creuse Département in France launched participative hitch-hiking on an experimental basis in January 2012. Faced with the ecological impacts of private transport, the foreseeable increase in...

  5. News
    28 April 2011

    Autolib' self service electric cars launched in Paris (France)

    366 reads After Vélib (Paris self-service bicycles), “Autolib'” the self-service electric car rental service is being lanuched in Paris and 44 suburb cities. Developed on the model of Vélib, Autolib&...

  6. News
    21 March 2013

    Autolib's electric shared car commercialised (France)

    1137 reads Designed for the car-sharing service Autolib' in Paris, the electric Bluecar has now been commercialised for sale to private users. The electric car costs €12,000. As from 21 February 2013,...

  7. News
    26 March 2012

    Autolib’ goes up to the surface in Lyon (France)

    344 reads Autolib’, the car-sharing service proposed by the car park company Lyon Parc Auto, has enlarged its offer and become more visible. In a turning point for the company, 14 new stations have been...

  8. News
    14 July 2011

    Bike rental system Velib” in Paris awards 100 millionth client

    240 reads Paris’ bike rental system “Vélib celebrates the hundred-millionth bicycle run within 4 years. Since the rental system started 11 million daily or weekly tickets have been sold. The bike rental...

  9. News
    30 April 2012

    Bike sharing system V'lille expands in Villeneuve d'Ascq (France)

    957 reads A bike sharing system known as V’lille has been deployed in Villeneuve d'Ascq, the fourth biggest city of the conurbation of Lille. 200 new bikes at 19 new stations have been installed, along...

  10. News
    28 March 2012

    Biogas for trucks in Brittany (France)

    265 reads Locminé will be one of the first sites in Europe to combine two biomass energies- wood biomass and methanisation of organic resources – to produce 100% green energy which can be used as fuel for...