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  1. Event
    16 October 2013

    13th International Conference on ITS Telecommunications

    358 reads Language English English This conference aims to provide leading edge of research and experimental results on ITS services and applications. Specially interest for this year is Internet of Things....

  2. Event
    03 December 2019

    2nd International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS)

    Idioma Inglés 5 lecturas The second International Conference on Mobility as a Service (ICoMaaS) aims to further increase our knowledge on the preconditions of MaaS, experiences from trials and commercial...

  3. News
    03 October 2012

    30 municipalities interested in a joint travel ticket system (Finland)

    661 reads Public transport passengers in Finland might soon be able to travel in several cities with just one travel card. This could happen as early as 2014. 30 municipalities in Finland, together with the...

  4. Case study
    08 January 2013
  5. News
    26 February 2014

    Additional funding approved for extension to Helsinki metro (Finland)

    891 reads Issues with soil conditions have prompted the need for more funding for an extended line of the Helsinki metro to the neighbouring city of Espoo. The City Board approved additional funding for an...

  6. News
    03 March 2011

    Adoption of electric cars requires creation of suitable conditions (Finland)

    397 reads Suitable operational conditions for the adoption of electric cars should be created now, even though they are not expected to produce significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions until 2030....

  7. News
    05 November 2014

    All-electric car hire service launches in Finland

    2120 reads A car hire service launched at the end of last month in Finland is offering electric-only vehicles in cities across the Helsinki metropolitan area. The cars are operated by Ekorent, the first...

  8. Case study
    23 April 2013
  9. Case study
    14 September 2011
  10. News
    30 May 2012

    Bicycle commuting saves millions for society (Finland)

    934 reads The Finnish city of Kuopio saves half a million euros per year due to bicycle commuting, according to a recent study. Last year, the city of Kuopio participated in a survey on bicycle commuting...