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  1. Case study
    03 October 2012
  2. News
    13 June 2012

    10 days without a car: An official experiment in Lodz (Poland)

    680 reads In mid-May this year, the Vice President of Lodz carried out an experiment. For more than 10 days he resigned from using his official car in favour of travel by bicycle and public transport. The...

  3. Case study
    04 June 2020
  4. Case study
    30 October 2012
  5. Case study
    07 March 2007
  6. News
    16 September 2011

    Critical Mass for climate without soot” in Warsaw (Poland)

    264 reads The Critical Mass of Warsaw organised a bike ride promoting a clean city without soot on the last Friday of August. The route driven by the participants was 25.5 km in length and passed through...

  7. Case study
    28 November 2012
  8. Case study
    06 August 2012
  9. Case study
    19 June 2020
  10. News
    25 November 2011

    Gdansk is buying bicycles for its employees (Poland)

    495 reads Inspired by other European cities, Gdansk authorities are buying bicycles for their employees to be used on duty instead of cars. Next spring, office workers of Gdansk town hall will have 16...