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  1. News
    23 October 2012

    22 modern trams for Szczecin (Poland)

    1114 reads The city of Szczecin in northwestern Poland decided to buy 22 modern trams of the type 120NaS Pesa (Swing) from a domestic manufacturer. The purchase is co-financed by the EU and credit. The type...

  2. News
    23 March 2018

    3,500 eco-friendly buses to hit Polish streets over the next decade

    844 reads To tackle air pollution, the Polish government has announced the launch of a “Low Emission Transport fund” with PLN 5 billion (EUR 1.2 billion) funding by 2027 aimed at increasing eco-friendly...

  3. News
    28 June 2011

    A green bus shelter for a shopping centre in Gdañsk (Poland).

    318 reads The initiative “Ca³a Polska Chodzi Boso” (The Whole of Poland is Walking Barefoot) aims to create green space for city dwellers. In cooperation with the Osowa Shopping Centre in Gdañsk, a bus...

  4. News
    19 August 2011

    A private bus company competes with state transport (Poland)

    449 reads Since June 2011 a new Polish nationwide bus company has started operating. covers 16 large Polish cities and 4 European capitals, becoming strong competition for the existing...

  5. Case study
    25 October 2007
  6. News
    23 July 2012

    Articulated CNG bus tested in Radom (Poland)

    414 reads The testing of a modern articulated CNG bus began in Radom in early July. The bus will serve the busiest routes in the city for two weeks. The bus has been rented from the Solaris Bus & Coach...

  7. News
    17 May 2012

    Bank promotion provides public transport passengers with free Wi-Fi (Poland)

    723 reads Public transport users in 12 Polish cities will get free Wi-Fi on a small number of vehicles as part of a promotion initiated by ING Bank. The promotion, which runs from May to June, will equip a...

  8. News
    22 September 2011

    Bicycle stands on buses in Jaworzno (Poland)

    436 reads Jaworzno is the first town in the Upper Silesia region to introduce a legal way of taking your bicycle on the bus. The only requirement is investing a 2 PLN coin, which is returned when releasing...

  9. News
    25 May 2012

    Bus lane for UEFA members in Warsaw (Poland)

    1051 reads For the EURO 2012, a new bus lane is being installed in the?wirki i Wigury Street in Warsaw, a thoroughfare leading from the Warsaw International Airport to the city centre. This will give...

  10. News
    12 April 2011

    Bus lanes for minibuses carrying persons with limited mobility in Warsaw (Poland)

    392 reads Warsaw is planning to allow minibuses operated by the City Transport for Persons with Limited Mobility Association to enter newly built bus lanes, which are planned to be finished this Summer. The...