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  1. Case study
    16 October 2017
  2. Case study
    04 June 2020

    Bike to work with Activy

    The Bike2Work campaign- “Kręć kilometry dla Gdańska” was launched by the City of Gdansk to encourage people to regularly bike to work. ...

  3. Case study
    22 March 2016
  4. Case study
    21 May 2020

    Brussels: promoting walking and cycling as a priority in urban mobility

    Brussels Capital Region was chosen as the winner of the 8th Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP Award), which focused on safe walking and cycling. This case study provides details of the...

  5. Case study
    22 July 2020

    Campaign temporarily redesigned the streets of Gdansk

    The City of Gdansk wanted to try an innovative method to promote multimodal travel behavior in Gdansk and used a Living Street campaign during EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK 2019. ...

  6. Case study
    24 June 2020
  7. Case study
    28 February 2019
  8. Case study
    04 June 2020

    Co-creating multimodal pilot areas in Riga

    On 01 June 2018, an Urban Planning Workshop was held in Riga. The goal of the Urban Planning Workshop was to bring together the minds and the diverse experiences of urban planners, residents of the specific...

  9. Case study
    14 July 2020

    Co-creating public space in Karlskrona, Sweden

    During car-free day in European Mobility Week (EMW) 2019, the municipality of Karlskrona implemented the concept of 'Living Streets'. For one Saturday, public space was closed to motorised traffic...

  10. Case study
    13 November 2018