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  1. News
    06 June 2012

    Biogas has least impact, study finds (Lithuania)

    468 reads A Lithuanian study of the “well to wheel” environmental impacts of various fuels used in buses found that locally produced biogas was best. The study compared the environmental impacts of the...

  2. Case study
    29 November 2007

    Cycling School in Lithuania

    1203 reads Mobility management Walking and cycling Lithuania Siauliai measures- awareness raising user groups- leisure cyclists measures- games / competitions MM for schools Siauliai initiated an innovative...

  3. News
    05 August 2011

    Drastic action against parking violators to protect bikers rights (Lithuania)

    421 reads The mayor of Vilnius has published a stunt on video-sharing website Youtube, of himself crushing a Mercedes car parked in a bicycle lane by riding over it in an armoured personnel carrier. The...

  4. News
    01 March 2011

    Electric cars on the rise: new rental networks and production plants announced

    423 reads A Hungarian owned, Austria based enterprise has announced that it will launch its electric car-rental network in Lithuania and in Germany by the end of 2011. A Hungarian owned, Austria based...

  5. Case study
    24 July 2008

    Electronic Public Transport Ticket System in Vilnius (Lithuania)

    316 reads Collective passenger transport Lithuania Vilnius measures- smard cards planning- ticketing In the end of year 2007 a new electronic monthly ticket system was introduced in Vilnius. The E-ticket...

  6. Case study
    20 November 2010

    Hotel cycle rental scheme in Vilnius. Lithuania

    251 reads Lithuania Vilnius As part of the ADDED VALUE Project, the Healthy City Bureau of Vilnius recruited 5 hotels who were encouraged to promote cycling to their guests. The hotels were selected due to...

  7. News
    23 January 2015

    Kaunas launches taxi service for people with reduced mobility (Lithuania)

    1957 reads Kaunas will become the third city in Lithuania to implement a social taxi system for people with reduced mobility. ‘This is not just a social service, but a campaign that invites the movement of...

  8. Case study
    29 November 2007

    Kaunas. Lithuania Creates a School Travel Plan and Awareness Campaign

    336 reads Mobility management Lithuania Kaunas campaigns (large scale) measures- awareness raising MM for schools Through the BUSTRIP project school children in Kaunas create a School Travel Plan to promote...

  9. Case study
    05 December 2007

    Klaipeda a Friendly City for Cycling Tourists. Lithuania

    290 reads Walking and cycling Lithuania Klaipeda Klaipeda hopes to become a more bicycle friendly city by building accessable bicycle stands and creating an informative transport system. Background &...

  10. News
    03 February 2016

    Klaipėda announces sustainable mobility measures (Lithuania)

    1481 reads The Lithuanian coastal city of Klaipėda is introducing a range of initiatives to encourage citizens to adopt more sustainable forms of transport in their daily lives. The plans include installing...