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    23 July 2019


    497 reads Turning visionary approaches into planning policies and tools. The transformation of cities and regions into smarter and more sustainable places starts with planning. Choosing the right mix of...

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    06 May 2021

    Australia works on the safety and legalisation of personal mobility devices

    видяно 53 пъти In late 2020, Australia’s National Transport Commission (NTC) released a report proposing the inclusion and safety guidelines of personal mobility devices (PMDs), such as electric scooters,...

  3. Case study
    22 July 2020
  4. News
    17 November 2020

    Bristol and Bath launch 12-month e-scooter trials

    24 reads The West of England Combined Authority has partnered with shared mobility provider Voi to start e-scooter rental trials in the cities of Bristol and Bath. Over the next 12 months, commuters and...

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    23 June 2021

    Budapest relaunches its revamped bike sharing scheme

    Budapest has revamped and relaunched its bicycle sharing service, MOL BuBi, in order to improve the user experience. ...

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    19 March 2021

    Call for Applications now open to join CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions!

    видяно 59 пъти Mobility practitioners and city planning staff from European countries can now apply to participate in the CIVITAS Mobility Match sessions. The sessions are designed to provide mobility...

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    18 May 2020

    Car sharing operators develop plans to recover after the COVID-19 crisis

    56 reads With many cities responding to the COVID-19 pandemic by facilitating walking and cycling, less attention has been paid to car sharing. Car sharing operators in Italy are planning their recovery. ...

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    29 January 2021

    Car sharing promotes mobility turnaround in Luxembourg- MOQO app assures easy operation and good service

    letto 41 volte Luxembourg is working intensively on the transport revolution. It is the country with the highest level of individual vehicle ownership in the EU, with reasons for this including the high...

  9. Case study
    24 June 2020
  10. Case study
    04 June 2020