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    26 January 2015

    'Battery-swap' electric scooter unveiled

    2087 reads Taiwanese startup Gogoro has produced an innovative electric 'smart scooter' that uses removable batteries.  Unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (United States), the...

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    10 August 2012

    100% clean buses for the centre of Madrid (Spain)

    438 reads Madrid gets its first seven hybrid buses, which will operate in city’s central Low Emission Zone (Zona de Bajas Emisiones). These seven hybrid buses, with natural compressed gas and electricity,...

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    16 December 2011

    100% electric bus service in Lisbon city centre (Portugal)

    1352 reads Portuguese Christmas holiday shoppers have one more reason to visit Lisbon’s downtown. The city has inaugurated a free bus service, using a completely electric vehicle. The city of Lisbon, with...

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    07 February 2012

    100% electric, folding and high-tech: Hiriko, the city car of the future (Spain)

    area. More information: European Commission ...

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    07 January 2015

    13 fast charging points connecting Copenhagen and Aarhus (Denmark)

    1822 reads Denmark has committed to increasing the number of fast electric vehicle charging points on its highways with 13 new sites installed in late 2014 and more planned for 2015. The most recent...

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    04 October 2012

    3,000 Andalusians drive hybrid cars thanks to regional subsidies (Spain)

    837 reads A total of 3,080 people in Andalucia have applied to the Andalucian Energy Agency for subsidies for the purchase of hybrid cars. The residents of Andalucia can purchase a hybrid vehicle in the...

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    23 December 2014

    300 low emission buses to roll out in London (United Kingdom)

    1986 reads Transport for London (TfL) has announced that 300 low emission buses will be introduced into the London public transport fleet before the end of 2014. The new buses make up almost half of the 700...

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    04 June 2012

    300 residents test e-vehicles in Klagenfurt on Lake Wörthersee (Austria)

    ( or Doris Wiederwald ( The project also offers up-to-date news on its ...

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    23 July 2019


    497 reads Turning visionary approaches into planning policies and tools. The transformation of cities and regions into smarter and more sustainable places starts with planning. Choosing the right mix of...

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    15 March 2013

    60 g/km by 2025 is possible with existing technology

    873 reads The right mixture of electric, hybrid and conventionally-fuelled cars could enable Europe to reach 60 grams per kilometre from the average new car in 2025 with technology costs likely to be paid...