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  1. Video
    07 December 2018

    Active Travel Policy in Paris

    The video clip shows the efforts that Paris is making to become a cycle-friendly city, ...

  2. Video
    26 August 2015

    Brest renews its SUMP as part of a master plan (France)

    3566 reads Brest is the most westerly town in France and the second-largest urban centre in Brittany, with a population of 215 000. In 2010 the city decided to develop a comprehensive master plan to reduce...

  3. Video
    05 June 2014

    Bus priority scheme

    5163 reads France Toulouse Eltis Collective passenger transport ...

  4. Video
    05 June 2014

    Car Sharing

    4507 reads France Toulouse Eltis Mobility management ...

  5. Video
    05 June 2014

    Pure plan oil mower

    6042 reads France Lyon Eltis Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

  6. Video
    05 June 2014

    Redevelopment of the banks of the river Rhône

    5211 reads France Lyon Eltis Urban mobility planning ...

  7. Video
    11 August 2015

    Stop-Covoiturage: making daily travel in the Saône valley easier (France)

    2836 reads The Stop-Covoiturage project, introduced in 2013 by the Saône Mont d'Or territory, north of Lyon in France, is an innovative transport scheme that combines hitchhiking and carpooling. The...

  8. Video
    26 August 2015

    Sustainable deliveries of goods in Paris (France)

    2889 reads Paris and its suburbs count over 12 million inhabitants, which makes the city one of the largest economic centres in Europe, leading to a high demand for freight and a consequent increase in...

  9. Video
    05 June 2014

    Test public transport while the car is being repaired

    5883 reads France Besancon Other Vianova Collective passenger transport ...

  10. Video
    05 June 2014

    Traboules- short cuts for pedestrians

    5700 reads France Lyon Eltis Walking and cycling ...