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  1. News
    17 March 2011

    'Virtual bays' system to be trialled in London (UK)

    274 reads Trials of a new system that allows ‘virtual bays’ or kerbside space to be booked in advance by commercial operators will take place in London this summer. The system will reduce congestion,...

  2. News
    31 August 2018

    A smarter way to park in UK cities

    1254 reads Different cities within the UK are investigating launching smart projects and developments to advance local service capability, evolve their competitiveness and enhance sustainability. One such...

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    13 November 2013

    Birmingham prepares to introduce lower speed limits in the city (UK)

    742 reads Plans to reduce the speed limit on the majority of the city’s roads will save lives and cut emissions. Birmingham’s (UK) city council is considering a proposal to implement a maximum speed limit...

  4. News
    20 January 2014

    Buses given priority in Manchester city centre (United Kingdom)

    768 reads Major overhauls of roads in central Manchester will support the creation of a zone reserved purely for buses. Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) will begin the process of transforming areas...

  5. News
    20 March 2018

    Businesses and public grealty support Scottish plans for Low Emission Zone introduction

    759 reads   Transport Scotland's consultation on the introduction of Low Emission Zones in Scotland identified that there is a large support from businesses and public. From September to November 2017,...

  6. News
    12 March 2012

    Cameras hailed success at removing cars from bus lanes (UK)

    268 reads Automatic number pate recognition (ANPR) technology has been successfully deployed in Leeds City centre to enforce bus lane regulations and is now set to be used in other areas of the city. Cars...

  7. News
    05 August 2019

    Coventry pilots closure of school roads to improve child safety

    355 reads The schools in the UK city of Coventry have a problem in common with many other schools Europe-wide: unsafe roads around schools resulting from high levels of traffic, the largest part of which...

  8. News
    05 May 2011

    England to benefit from over 500 green buses (UK)

    798 reads UK Government funding of over £46 million will see 542 new low carbon buses on roads across England by March 2012. The money is been made available as part of the wider UK Government’s Green Bus...

  9. News
    03 September 2012

    EU project STADIUM keeps traffic moving on London's Olympic route network (United Kingdom)

    501 reads Six additional smart cameras have been set up on the London Olympic route network to keep the city moving. The application has been installed in the framework of the FP7 co-funded research project...

  10. News
    17 October 2012

    Factsheet on 20mph zones available as a tool on Eltis

    261 reads The latest tool for practitioners on Eltis is a factsheet on the different types of 20mph zones and limits in the UK, the evidence for them and their purpose. There are still a high number of...