Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    22 July 2007
  2. Case study
    21 April 2009
  3. Case study
    22 October 2014
  4. Case study
    22 October 2014
  5. News
    24 April 2013

    Gothenburg congestion charge fulfils expectations (Sweden)

    3151 reads Europe’s newest experience with congestion charging has reduced traffic significantly, but it may soon face a citizens’ referendum. The congestion charge introduced in Gothenburg, Sweden this...

  6. News
    10 January 2013

    Göteborg begins the new year by introducing road tolling (Sweden)

    8549 reads The second largest city in Sweden, Göteborg, decided to introduce road tolling in order to cut traffic more effectively. The city of Göteborg, located on Swedens’s west coast with around 520 000...

  7. News
    21 May 2015

    Göteborg congestion charge a success (Sweden)

    2099 reads A new analysis of Göteborg's congestion pricing suggests that the program has cut traffic congestion and contributed to more commuters taking public transport. The authors of the analysis,...

  8. News
    15 January 2015

    Göteborg seeks alternatives to congestion charge (Sweden)

    4139 reads Göteborg city officials are looking at alternative ways to improve air quality in the city after a proposed congestion charge was rejected by citizens in a referendum last September. A study...

  9. Case study
    21 May 2012
  10. Case study
    16 November 2011