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    28 May 2020

    SUMP goes global – Chinese version of the SUMP Guidelines available now / 可持续城市出行规划》中文译本问世了

    239 Aufrufe With the release of the 2nd Edition of the SUMP Guidelines in English, they have been made available to cities worldwide. Meanwhile, many national institutions have been working to translate the...

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    28 July 2017

    A discovery dialogue on climate policy and practice between the EU and China

    2148 reads The Green Sessions "from Policy to Practice” is an initiative from Natureherit Design & Consult to create multi-actor dialogues to improve the overview and understanding of policies and...

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    27 May 2016

    Innovative ‘straddle bus’ to undergo testing (China)

    2463 reads A company in China is planning to build a life-size model of bus that straddles traffic and allows vehicles to pass underneath as if through a tunnel. The 3D Express Coach was designed in 2010 by...

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    21 January 2016

    Yichang wins 2016 Sustainable Transport Award (China)

    1606 reads The Chinese city of Yichang has won the 2016 Sustainable Transport Award for its innovative and sustainable transport projects. The second-largest city in the Hubei Province was recognised for...

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    21 April 2015

    Electric vehicles help cool cities, study shows

    visit (e) Science News. Photo by World Bank / CC BY-NC-ND China Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

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    02 June 2014

    China to scrap millions of cars to improve air quality

    1063 reads Six million vehicles that do not comply with exhaust emission standards will be removed from China's roads by the end of the year to reduce air pollution. In the Chinese capital Beijing, the...

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    29 November 2013

    EU China Urban Partnership to focus on urban mobility

    991 reads European and Chinese cities are forming partnerships to share ideas and technologies to manage urban mobility. The EU and China are working together under the EU/China Urban Partnership to improve...

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    06 November 2013

    Urban design prototype for sustainable mobility (China)

    737 reads Work will soon start on a new prototype for urban design near the city of Chengdu (China). The new philosophy for urban design promotes walkable cities and aims to reduce traffic in China....

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    25 October 2013

    Beijing takes steps to tackle notorious air pollution (China)

    808 reads The municipal government of Beijing (China) has developed a Clean Air Action Plan (2013 – 2017) that aims to tackle the city’s infamous problem with air pollution. The plan calls for a five...

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    21 February 2013

    China’s second high-capacity BRT opened in Lanzhou

    1383 reads Lanzhou, a city of three million in North-western China opened its first BRT system on December 28th. The 9km long BRT corridor has 15 stations and 6 lines. It is China’s second high-capacity BRT...