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    03 July 2020

    Austria to invest up to €40 million in new bicycles infrastructure

    44 reads Austria is investing up to €40 million in the expansion and improvement of and climate-friendly mobility management. The comprehensive funding package was announced by the Federal Minister for...

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    03 July 2020

    The City of Lahti unveils a personal carbon trading scheme

    48 reads The Finnish City of Lathi has unveiled a free mobile known as CitiCap, through which residents can track their CO2 and be rewarded for reducing their mobility emissions. The launch of this Personal...

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    29 June 2020

    29 June 2020 weekly summary: the impact of COVID-19 on transport and mobility

    72 reads As EU countries begin to reopen and emerge from the virus crisis, greenhouse gas emissions have been rising. Many countries were expecting this as one of the major reasons for the fall in emissions...

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    29 June 2020

    Veria is working on its first Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    SUMP, where all materials and news will be posted. Photo Credit: © yegorovnick / no ...

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    26 June 2020

    Six European cities to experiment with 'digital twins' for urban logistics

    28 Aufrufe A Horizon 2020-funded project aims to create 'digital twins' of urban logistics networks in six European cities in order to support the experimentation and decision making with on...

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    24 June 2020

    Ghent and Milan win international car sharing awards

    51 lectures The Belgian city of Ghent and the Italian city of Milan received an international recognition for car-sharing promotion and support policies. During a digital event held on 28 May, the cities...

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    22 June 2020

    22 June 2020 weekly summary: the impact of COVID-19 on transport and mobility

    Mobility package. This news comes after a request from six associations for a €13 billion cycling package ...

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    22 June 2020

    Limerick plans to transform the city for the summer

    17 reads In Ireland, Limerick City and County Council is working to turn the city centre into a top urban destination for the summer of 2020. While still complying with the COVID-19 restrictions, the plans...

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    18 June 2020

    CONSULTATION OPEN: COVID-19 SUMP guidance – have your say!

    80 Aufrufe The COVID-19 crisis is causing cities and regions to adapt urban mobility measures at a rate and scale never seen before. Major challenges and opportunities exist for urban mobility in the coming...

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    17 June 2020

    Cycling on equal terms with other modes in EU's latest investment package

    make it into a reality. Photo Credit: © Article published first at Cycling Industry News on ...