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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Case study
    26 September 2012
  2. News
    31 May 2011

    Polish railway company PKP Cargo modernises 130 diesel locomotives. (Poland)

    1127 reads PKP Cargo- Polish railway company operating goods transportation- has signed 3 contracts for modernising of 130 diesel locomotives. The aim is to reduce in fuel consumption by 30%. The...

  3. News
    31 May 2011

    Wroclaw continues eliminating heavy traffic in the city centre (Poland)

    555 reads Next month restrictions on heavy traffic entering the city are set to tighten. The city of Wroclaw has decided to limit the amount of heavy traffic on its streets. In March 2011 a periodic ban on...

  4. News
    29 March 2011

    Heavy trucks banned from entering Wroclaw during rush hours (Poland)

    563 reads From March 2011, trucks heavier than 18-tonnes cannot enter the Polish city of Wroclaw during rush hours. This follows a successful implementation of the ban in Warsaw. In order to reduce...

  5. Case study
    19 June 2009