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  1. News
    28 March 2019

    Smart city: enthusiasm but caution on new 5G technology

    12 reads 5G networks no doubt have the technological specs necessary to power smart cities, but without careful design and planning the complexity of integrating everything from traffic to health care could...

  2. News
    04 February 2019

    Denmark kick-starts green transition for taxis

    19 leituras In 2025, Denmark wants to see only zero emission taxis on its roads. This objective, alongside a set of actions to support its achievement, was published by the Danish government in January 2019...

  3. Case study
    02 January 2019
  4. News
    12 September 2018

    Copenhagen uses short car-free sections to encourage cycling

    20 reads Experience in the Danish capital Copenhagen, suggests that preventing motorised traffic from using short sections of a major thoroughfare enhances the use of the route by cyclists. This is the...

  5. Case study
    05 May 2015

    Campaigning to increase cycle commuting in Denmark

    4963 reads Walking and cycling Intermodality Mobility management Bike to Work is a national campaign that promotes cycling as a mode of transportation to and from work. Denmark is generally known for its...

  6. Case study
    04 April 2015

    Optimising Aarhus's transport system with Bluetooth (Denmark)

    3764 reads Traffic and demand management Policymakers are continuously trying to increase the performance of transport systems. To do this they need effective monitoring methods in place in order to...

  7. Case study
    04 April 2015

    Otimizar o sistema de transportes de Aarhus com Bluetooth (Dinamarca)

    690 reads Traffic and demand management Os decisores políticos estão continuamente a tentar melhorar o desempenho dos sistemas de transportes. Para tal, necessitam de ter métodos de monitorização eficazes...

  8. Case study
    04 April 2015

    Optimiser les transports d’Aarhus à l’aide du Bluetooth (Danemark)

    804 reads Traffic and demand management Les décideurs cherchent continuellement à améliorer les performances des systèmes de transport. Pour ce faire, ils ont besoin de méthodes de suivi efficaces pour...

  9. Case study
    04 April 2015

    Verkehrsoptimierung in Aarhus (Dänemark) mittels Bluetooth

    880 reads Traffic and demand management Die Politik ist fortwährend bestrebt, die Leistungsfähigkeit der Verkehrsträger zu steigern und Schwachpunkte zu beseitigen. Dazu benötigt sie wirksame...

  10. Case study
    04 April 2015

    Aarhus (Danimarca): ottimizzazione delle reti di trasporto tramite Bluetooth

    1348 reads Traffic and demand management I responsabili decisionali sono sempre alla ricerca di strumenti per incrementare l’efficienza dei sistemi di trasporto. A tal fine devono poter contare su efficaci...