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  1. Case study
    13 March 2019
  2. Case study
    20 October 2017

    Antwerp's Marketplace for Mobility: partnering with private mobility service providers (Belgium)

    5474 reads Urban mobility planning Urban freight/city logistics Mobility management Traffic and demand management Antwerp is a vital node in the European road network. To improve accessibility and create...

  3. Case study
    19 October 2017

    Gent's Traffic Circulation Plan (Belgium)

    3592 reads Urban mobility planning Traffic and demand management Gent is a vivid, vibrant, and growing city. This has plenty of advantages, but also brings with it some challenges, as the pressure of...

  4. Case study
    27 March 2017
  5. Case study
    10 August 2016

    Carpooling with Taxistop in Leuven (Belgium)

    2790 reads Urban mobility planning Mobility management Traffic and demand management Taxistop is the Belgian partner in the CHUMS project. Under the motto ‘doing more with less’, Taxistop keeps developing...

  6. Case study
    22 February 2016

    Speeding up the introduction of company bikes in Belgium

    3018 reads Mobility management Company bicycles used by employees to travel to work or during service trips are growing in popularity in Belgium. However, many employers still don’t know how to go about...

  7. Case study
    08 December 2015

    Innovation procurement of clean emergency vehicles (Belgium)

    4879 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics The city of Ghent and Ghent Fire Brigade have been co-operating on innovation procurement contracts for years with the aim of...

  8. Case study
    26 May 2015

    Overcoming transport challenges in Antwerp through personal travel plans (Belgium)

    5410 reads Walking and cycling Mobility management Antwerp is facing huge road infrastructure works over several years, which will cause major disruption. For this reason, Antwerp is using the PTP-Cycle...

  9. Case study
    23 April 2015
  10. Case study
    09 February 2015

    Creating a modern intermodal transport hub in Ghent (Belgium)

    3573 reads Intermodality Ghent-Sint-Pieters is a 100-year-old train station with 50 000 daily visitors. Because of an increase in the number of people using the station, it is being remodelled into a modern...