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  1. News
    09 May 2017

    Vilnius introduces USB-charging onboard public buses (Lithuania)

    1882 reads Passengers riding on route 10 through the Lithuanian capital can now enjoy on-the-go USB charging for their mobile devices. The city of Vilnius plans to include USB charging ports in other city...

  2. News
    16 December 2016

    Vilnius considers purchasing new buses (Lithuania)

    1613 reads Vilnius City Council is discussing plans to buy over 100 new buses to update its public transport fleet. Officials are reported to be preparing to publish an international tender for 100 two-axle...

  3. News
    03 February 2016

    Klaipėda announces sustainable mobility measures (Lithuania)

    1711 reads The Lithuanian coastal city of Klaipėda is introducing a range of initiatives to encourage citizens to adopt more sustainable forms of transport in their daily lives. The plans include installing...

  4. News
    29 October 2014

    Skuodas approves free public transport (Lithuania)

    3068 reads The local council of the small city of Skuodas in Lithuania has voted in favour of allowing residents and visitors to use public transport for free. The measure, which goes into effect from the...

  5. News
    09 December 2011

    Vilnius bus operator builds its own trolleybuses (Lithuania)

    709 reads With a cost saving of up to 50 percent, self-assembled trolleybuses are the way of the future for the Lithuanian capital’s efforts to renew its ageing fleet. In November, the city-owned company...

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    24 July 2008
  7. Case study
    19 March 2007