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  1. Event
    08 December 2021

    Shared Mobility 2nd World Conference

    Sprog Engelsk 313 visninger This event has been postponed to 8-9 December 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the success of the first Shared Mobility World Conference, the event is...

  2. News
    09 July 2021

    In Gdynia you can charge a car thanks to trolleybuses

    26 reads The first mobile charging station for electric cars powered by a trolleybus network was built in Gdynia, Poland. It is a joint project of the City of Gdynia and the municipal trolleybus transport...

  3. News
    01 April 2021

    Warsaw starts the construction of a third metro line

    48 lectures The Mayor of Warsaw has approved the construction of the city's third metro line, which will add six new stations to the city's metro network by 2028. The Polish capital, home to 1.7...

  4. News
    18 February 2021

    Poland proposes new legislation for e-scooters and other personal transport devices

    loetud 35 korda The Council of Ministers in Poland has adopted a draft amendment to the Road Traffic Act and certain other regulations in order to better regulate the status of e-scooters and other...

  5. Case study
    18 January 2021
  6. News
    19 October 2020

    Krakow sees a cycling boom during COVID-19

    42 reads Many cities around Europe have seen an increase in cycling during the COVID-19 crisis, and the Polish city of Kraków is no exception.  In the first three weeks of September 2020, there was an...

  7. News
    05 October 2020

    Poznan tests multifunctional e-paper bus stop displays

    33 visninger The Polish city of Poznan has started a three-month trial phase to test electronic paper (e-paper) displays for its bus stops. The trial aims to compare the use of e-paper compared to LED...

  8. Video
    09 September 2020

    Parking Space Management in Krakow, Poland

    12 afişări The Polish city of Krakow has applied the principles of SUMP for many years. Parking space management plays an important role in their sustainable urban mobility plan and is the backbone of a...

  9. News
    17 August 2020

    Municipal employees in northern Poland receive e-scooters to trial

    loetud 35 korda As part of an awareness raising campaign, officials of 10 northern Polish cities have been presented with e-scooters to trial.  'Mobile Office – Active Official' is the name of the...

  10. News
    29 July 2020

    Warsaw to have its first 'woonerf' in place by the end of 2020

    409 lectures The Polish capital, Warsaw, is to implement its first 'woonerf' neighbourhood by the end of 2020. The term 'woonerf' is a Dutch word, which increasingly appears outside of...