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    06 November 2019

    Graz will benefit from €100 million of investment in cycling

    34 läsningar Towards the end of October, the City of Graz and the Province of Styria (in which the Austrian city is located) presented their 10-year plan for cycling development. Jointly, the two...

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    21 May 2019

    CIVITAS Forum 2019- calls for contributions, exhibitors and sponsors ends 31 May

    3877 reads The calls for contributions, exhibitors and sponsors are currently open for this year's CIVITAS Forum closing 31 May 2019. For more information about the event, including the draft programme...

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    28 September 2018

    Graz to host the CIVITAS Forum Conference, 2019

    1338 reads The city of Graz, Austria, has been revealed as the host of the CIVITAS Forum Conference in 2019, which is set to take place from 2- 4 October 2019. The announcement was made on Friday 21...

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    01 August 2018

    Vienna registers record number of cyclists

    1498 reads   In the first half of 2018, the City of Vienna registered a record number of cyclists on its bike paths. Between January and June, the Mobility Agency of Vienna counted 3.67 million cyclists....

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    07 May 2018

    Cycling Lottery: Prizes for cycling to work in Vorarlberg, Austria

    1132 reads   On 1st of May, Austrian Labour Day, the initiative “Cycling Lottery – cycling to work” began in the Province of Vorarlberg, Austria. The Cycling Lottery takes place in the frame of the cycling...

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    15 February 2018

    Vienna signposts shortcuts for pedestrians Austria Walking and cycling Mobility Agency Vienna- walking Vienna ...

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    14 October 2016

    Austrian court in landmark ruling for cycling safety

    2027 reads An Austrian court has ruled that cyclists are legally allowed to keep a distance of between 1.2 and 1.8 metres from parked vehicles to protect them from car doors suddenly swinging open. The...

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    19 September 2016

    New software displays city bike availability on Vienna buses (Austria)

    addition to traditional news formats and weather, the technology could soon provide valuable information ...

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    13 August 2013

    Cargo bikes for street cleaning in Graz (Austria)

    2422 reads Thanks to the IEE funded project Cyclelogistics and co-funding by the City of Graz, it is now possible for the municipal department to use a Christiania cargo bike for inner city street cleaning....

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    01 August 2013

    BYPAD on its way to conquer the world (Austria)

    920 reads BYPAD (Bicycle Policy Audit) is a leading quality management programme for cities that want to improve their cycling policy. This July, the first auditor from Ecuador in Latin America has been...