Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. Event
    07 November 2017

    CODATU XVII + UMI Conference

    Language English 1711 reads Transport for inclusive urban societies English Since 1980, every 2-3 years, CODATU organises International Conferences on urban transport with the aim of promoting sustainable...

  2. News
    20 February 2014

    Best practices for mobility in disadvantaged areas discussed in new report

    830 reads A report compiling best practices on mobility solutions for cities in developing countries has been published, with examples from South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America. The principle...

  3. Event
    05 December 2012

    GIZ-SUTP One Day Training Course on Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and Parking Management

    Language English 421 reads English his course is organised by GIZ-SUTP in partnership with the Institute of Urban Transport (IUT), India. The course will act as a pre-event to the Urban Mobility 2012...

  4. Event
    03 December 2011

    Training Course on Implementing Public Bike Sharing Systems

    Language English 268 reads English GIZ-SUTP will be conducting a one day course on Implementing Public Bike Sharing Systems on 03 December 2011. The course will be lead by Dr. Lloyd Wright, ADB and Mr....

  5. News
    14 December 2010

    Urban Mobility India: Transport for London Shares Success Stories

    1010 reads Good political leadership, a clear funding strategy and recognition of transport as part of a city’s economic development is key to improving mobility in a city, said Peter Hendy, commissioner of...