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  1. Event
    16 September 2021


    EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK celebrates its 20th year! The European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility promotes behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public...

  2. News
    18 August 2021

    New SUMP Topic Guide for Smaller Cities and Towns

    As part of the SUMPs-Up project, Rupprecht Consult has compiled a Topic Guide, “Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning in Smaller Cities and Towns” to support cities with a population of less than 100,000. ...

  3. Training material
    29 June 2021

    Eltis Training, planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility

    Watch a recording of the online training session built upon the recently-published SUMP Topic Guide “Planning for more resilient and robust urban mobility”. ...

  4. Training material
    22 June 2021

    Eltis Training, how to implement a MaaS system in your city

    Watch the online training session focused on the MaaS concept with a link to the SUMP topic guide “Mobility As A Service (MaaS) and Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning” ...

  5. News
    15 June 2021

    10th SUMP Award – apply until 31 October!

    The call for applications for the 10th EU SUMP Award is officially launched from 15 June 2021. The theme of the call for this year is "Be safe and healthy with sustainable mobility". Applications...

  6. News
    07 June 2021

    Fact sheets reveal lessons learned from CIVITAS research projects

    A new series of fact sheets set out the key takeaways from six concluded CIVITAS research projects: Cities-4-People, METAMORPHOSIS, Mobility Urban Values (MUV), PROSPERITY, SUITS, and SUMPs-Up. ...

  7. News
    04 June 2021

    SUMP Poster- Now available in multiple languages!

    The SUMP poster, that illustrates the sustainable planning process for transport in an urban area, is now available in multiple languages. ...

  8. News
    27 April 2021

    New EU Urban Mobility Framework Roadmap Published

    The European Commission has published its roadmap for the New EU Urban Mobility Framework, open for feedback until 25 May 2021. ...

  9. Event
    24 March 2021

    Road space reallocation: governance challenges, practical issues & visions for future streets

    Idioma Inglês 17 leituras This online event aims to disseminate findings from the project and gather feedback for the validation of results from key stakeholders working on the management and design of...

  10. News
    22 March 2021

    Finalists for the European Commission's Sustainable Urban Mobility Awards announced

    175 reads The finalists of the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Awards, the Award for Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP Award) and the EU Urban Road Safety Award were revealed today. All awards recognise...