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    29 April 2021

    France replaces some domestic flights with train travel

    28 reads If Europe is to meet its climate targets, reducing air travel will be essential. In France, as MPs vote on amendments to aviation, change is in progress. Aviation accounts for approximately 2% of...

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    29 April 2021

    France moves to offer financial incentive for electric bikes

    33 reads France is set to offer residents a chance to trade in their vehicles for an electric bike. The scheme will provide individuals with a €2,500 grant to purchase an electric bike should they choose to...

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    16 April 2021

    How the bicycle revolution has disrupted French cities

    45 reads On 28 March 2021, French publication Le Monde published an article on the impacts of the “velorution” – the bicycle revolution – in French towns and cities. The article outlines how the use of...

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    22 March 2021

    Toulouse starts testing autonomous electric shuttle

    24 visninger The French Metropolis of Toulouse has recently given the green light to the start of a trial for an autonomous electric shuttle to operate on the open road. The goal of this trial is to prove...

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    01 March 2021

    France launches €100 million funding programme for electric vehicle fast charging

    46 reads The French Government has announced that it is launching a €100 million funding programme to support the installation of fast charging stations for electric cars. Companies wishing to install...

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    22 February 2021

    Lille promotes sustainable urban mobility from a young age

    45 reads The French Metropolis of Lille recently published a guide for children aged 6 to 10 years old to engage these youngsters in safe and sustainable mobility matters. The guide strives to raise...

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    08 February 2021

    France acts to support bike and train intermodality

    46 keer gelezen A law adopted at the beginning of 2021 has introduced a requirement that ensures that all new train services in France will provide dedicated space for at least eight bicycles. The Loi d...

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    27 January 2021

    Nantes rolls out reduced public transport subscription rates

    Luettu 44 kertaa After being approved in the summer of 2020, as of January 1st, the city of Nantes, France has reduced the price of its public transport subscriptions by 20%. This measure is one of the many...

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    18 January 2021

    Paris public transport operator orders 109 electric buses

    12 reads The French state-owned public transport operator RATP has placed two orders for a total of 109 electric buses. The order was announced by Bluebus – a French electric bus manufacturer within the...

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    11 January 2021

    Greater Lyon tightens its low emission zone

    43 leituras On 1 January 2021, the Greater Lyon metropolitan area in France introduced tighter restrictions for its Low Emission Zone (LEZ). The LEZ, which first came into force a year ago on 1 January 2020...