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    12 July 2021

    New Greek translation of the SUMP Guidelines now available!

    A Greek translation of the 2nd edition SUMP Guidelines has now been made available. ...

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    26 April 2021

    Thessaloniki is to regenerate its Hippocratic Hospital area

    43 Aufrufe The Greek city of Thessaloniki has presented its final plans for the complete renovation of the Hippocratic Hospital area of the city. The aim is to undertake a complete functional and aesthetic...

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    29 June 2020

    Veria is working on its first Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

    SUMP, where all materials and news will be posted. Photo Credit: © yegorovnick / Shutterstock.com- no ...

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    25 May 2020

    Athens is to create a 7 km-long pedestrian zone in its central area

    18 lecturas The Greek capital, Athens, is taking advantage of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis by transforming parts of its inner city to a pedestrian zone.    In June 2020, Athens will begin to change the image...

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    16 January 2020

    Hydrogen cars with zero emissions at the tailpipe, ready to spread widely

    letto 250 volte Hydrogen based technology in the electric transport sector is competing with traditional fuels like diesel and gasoline for long-distance journeys. Hydrogen fuelled vehicles are quiet, can...

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    17 December 2018

    New electric vehicles in Greek smart city of Trikala

    1270 reads The Greek city of Trikala – with a population of about 80,000 inhabitants and located in northwestern Thessaly- has been recognized as one of the 21 smartest cities in the world in 2011 (https:/...

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    03 September 2018

    Plans to limit the use of private cars in Greek islands

    2181 reads Traffic congestion and pollution due to increased transport flows and the use of private-motorised vehicles is becoming a serious concern in many tourist areas, particularly during peak season....

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    28 May 2018

    Collective bike rides in Greece to raise awareness on urban mobility and SUMPs

    1411 reads On 13th May thousands of people and cyclists participated in a collective bike ride in Athens and 26 Greek other cities, along with associations of pedestrians. The aim of the event was to remind...

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    09 February 2018

    The development of Thessaloniki’s underground network

    1529 reads On 20th January 2018 in hessaloniki, Greece, the first conference took place on the development of the city of Thessaloniki, which was jointly organized by the Greek Institute for Research and...

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    05 July 2017

    Volos begins to embrace the bicycle (Greece)

    1663 reads In the Greek city of Volos, a modern cycle path network is set to be built. The new routes will see the city connected with Nea Ionia, another city in the coastal Magnesia region. It will also...