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    23 July 2021

    New Italian translation of the SUMP Guidelines now available!

    An Italian translation of the 2nd edition SUMP Guidelines has now been made available. ...

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    21 July 2021

    Turin is looking for volunteers to test a 12-month MaaS trial

    The city of Turin, in the north of Italy, has called for residents to volunteer to take part in a 12-month mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) trial. Applications opened on 2 July and will remain open until 2...

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    12 July 2021

    Having a mobility manager is now mandatory for companies and municipalities in Italy

    The role of 'mobility manager' was introduced in 1998 in Italian law, although having such a position has only recently become mandatory. At the time of its establishment- more than 20 years ago-...

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    15 June 2021

    Free bike sharing subscription offered in Ravenna

    In May 2021, the Italian Municipality of Ravenna approved a resolution to allow people to apply for a free annual subscription to the local bike sharing service. This was possible thanks to financial support...

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    10 June 2021

    Smart trams in operation across Florence tram network

    Trams in Florence have been equipped a range of sensors to gather data in order to improve safety and efficiency, as part of the EU-funded software project ELASTIC ...

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    01 June 2021

    Cycle paths increase in Italy, although pollution is back to pre-Covid levels

    The Mobilitaria 2021 report, which analyses air quality and mobility measures in Italian cities over the past year, was published at the end of April. It shows that, in spite of improvements in air quality...

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    10 May 2021

    Ravenna plans for sustainable mobility

    The Italian city of Ravenna has embarked on a comprehensive programme to upgrade and expand its sustainable mobility through its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan, which addresses active travel, the...

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    04 May 2021

    Rome launches integrated electric vehicle charging services

    SmartCitiesWorld.net on 7 April 2021. Original article published by SmartCitiesWorld news team on 7 April 2021 Photo ...

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    22 March 2021

    Multiple funds in Italy are supporting the development of sustainable mobility

    20 visninger While the pandemic has had its costs, in terms of lives and its impact on the economy, the crisis has also presented major opportunities for innovation. In Italy, European and national funds...

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    24 February 2021

    Mobility aids for homeless people and large families in Emilia Romagna Region

    37 lecturas Social public funds for €1.5 million are available in the Emilia Romagna Region to support the mobility program. Public transport has become more supportive in the Emilia Romagna Region in Italy...