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    06 August 2021

    Province of Noord-Holland goes for zero-emission buses

    The Province of Noord-Holland sees an exchange of all combustion engine buses to e-buses in its Region of Gooi en Vechtstreek during 2022. ...

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    05 August 2021

    Longest rail tunnel in the Balkans gets underway

    Bulgaria has begun construction of a 7km long train tunnel near the Bulagarian capital, Sofia, aiding passenger and freight transport. ...

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    04 August 2021

    'Get Started' contest: awareness raising in Andalusia, Spain

    The Get Started (Ponte en marcha) contest for pre-schools, primary schools and secondary schools in Andalusia, Spain, celebrates its fourth year in September 2021. ...

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    03 August 2021

    Nicosia has finished the revamp of one of its busiest streets

    11 reads The city of Nicosia has completed the rehabilitation of Kyriacou Matsi avenue, one of the most important and busiest streets in the Cypriot capital. Transport Minister Yiannis Karousos and Nicosia...

  5. News
    02 August 2021

    New European Bauhaus Call for Partnerships

    The New European Bauhaus will open the Call for Partnerships in September 2021, with a particular opportunity for organisations involved in active mobility. ...

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    02 August 2021

    Oslo adopts restrictions on e-scooters

    20 reads In July 2021, Oslo City Council adopted new regulations that put several restrictions on e-scooters. The aim of the measures in the Norwegian capital is to reduce the number of accidents and the...

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    30 July 2021

    Public transport for one euro per day, is it possible in Germany

    An increasing number of German cities and regions are considering the introduction of the so-called ‘365-euro ticket’ for local public transport. ...

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    29 July 2021

    Bologna is to install children’s streets outside the city centre

    The Italian city of Bologna is about to start an urban mobility revolution project called Plan for Emergency Pedestrianism. ...

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    29 July 2021

    New app maps accessibility of urban public spaces in Ukraine

    A mobile and desktop application by Dostupno.UA provides accessibility information for public locations in Ukraine. It covers the differing needs of a range of groups with specific accessibility requirements...

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    27 July 2021

    Field trial begins to integrate electric vehicles into the electricity system

    A field trial with 50 BMW i3s has kicked off in Germany, as part of the research project ‘Bidirectional charging management' (BDL), that will integrate electric vehicles into the electricity grid, using...