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    30 July 2021

    Public transport for one euro per day, is it possible in Germany

    An increasing number of German cities and regions are considering the introduction of the so-called ‘365-euro ticket’ for local public transport. ...

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    29 July 2021

    Bologna is to install children’s streets outside the city centre

    The Italian city of Bologna is about to start an urban mobility revolution project called Plan for Emergency Pedestrianism. ...

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    29 July 2021

    New app maps accessibility of urban public spaces in Ukraine

    A mobile and desktop application by Dostupno.UA provides accessibility information for public locations in Ukraine. It covers the differing needs of a range of groups with specific accessibility requirements...

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    27 July 2021

    Field trial begins to integrate electric vehicles into the electricity system

    A field trial with 50 BMW i3s has kicked off in Germany, as part of the research project ‘Bidirectional charging management' (BDL), that will integrate electric vehicles into the electricity grid, using...

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    26 July 2021

    France adapts traffic regulations for automated vehicles

    France has become the first European country to adapt its road and traffic regulations to allow the operation of fully-automated vehicles on public roads. ...

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    23 July 2021

    New Italian translation of the SUMP Guidelines now available!

    An Italian translation of the 2nd edition SUMP Guidelines has now been made available. ...

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    22 July 2021

    Cities are actively addressing gendered mobility patterns

    Cities across Europe are beginning to implement gender appropriate transport services, in an effort to improve sustainable mobility. ...

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    21 July 2021

    Turin is looking for volunteers to test a 12-month MaaS trial

    The city of Turin, in the north of Italy, has called for residents to volunteer to take part in a 12-month mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) trial. Applications opened on 2 July and will remain open until 2...

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    20 July 2021

    Barcelona used as a model for Spanish LEZ guide

    Spain has made low emission zones (LEZs) mandatory in all cities and towns with more than 50,000 people by 2023. The Barcelona Ring Road LEZ serves as a role model for a national guide on the installation of...

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    19 July 2021

    EU funding for cycling routes across Slovenia

    42 visninger The Slovenian Government Office for Development and European Cohesion Policy has approved EU funding for a range of cycling routes across the country. The total value of the projects amounts to...