Resultados de la búsqueda

Resultados de la búsqueda

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    12 June 2018

    Pilot project: Study on innovative ways of sustainably financing public transport

    3483 reads Continuous urban growth, evolving demand patterns, higher environmental standards and the emergence of breakthrough technologies and services in urban mobility call for significant improvement...

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    26 April 2018


    European initiatives & information portals 1227 reads 2MOVE2’s main objective is to improve urban mobility by advancing or creating sustainable, energy-efficient urban transport systems in the...

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    24 January 2017


    European initiatives & information portals 2461 reads MobiliseYourCity (MYC) is a global climate initiative for integrated urban mobility planning, and one of 15 international transport initiatives of...

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    12 December 2016

    EU Urban Mobility One-stop shop

    6426 reads The online "One-stop shop" portal on EU urban policies responds to the needs expressed by cities in the context of the Urban Agenda to have complete, reliable and updated information in...

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    03 December 2015


    10856 reads The EVIDENCE project is a strategic initiative funded by EACI and designed to unlock the potential of SUMP implementation. Quite often, the evidence that is available is ad-hoc, of varying...

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    30 October 2014

    European Mobility Week

    5234 reads The EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK campaign is the perfect opportunity to present sustainable mobility alternatives to citizens, to explain the challenges that cities and towns are facing in order to...

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    04 July 2014


    6052 reads allinx is the European community of professionals working in the field of mobility management and sustainable mobility. allinx has over 1100 members from 38 countries (of which 94 per cent are...

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    04 July 2014


    5434 reads The EC's CIVITAS Initiative is a large-scale European programme to help European cities implement demonstration projects for sustainable mobility as well as to exchange experience among...

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    04 July 2014

    Covenant of Mayors

    6000 reads The Covenant of Mayors is a European initiative in which signatory local authorities commit themselves to improve energy-efficiency and the use of renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions by at...

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    04 July 2014


    6584 reads The European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM) is a network of European national governments to promote mobility management in Europe and to support the international exchange of experience...