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  1. News
    09 December 2010

    Study highlights safety effects from switching car trips to cycling (The Netherlands)

    426 reads Substituting a small number of short car trips to cycling affects the number of fatalities and serious road injuries. The SWOV-Study, based on data from the Netherlands provides a first and rough...

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    04 January 2011

    Shared Space Institute is taken over by NHL University (The Netherlands)

    1786 reads The Shared Space Institute in Drachten, founded in 2009, has been taken over by the NHL University in Leeurwarden. The institute focused on research and development of Shared Space and has...

  3. News
    05 January 2011

    First public hydrogen filling station in the Netherlands

    644 reads The first public hydrogen filling station has opened in Arnhem, The Netherlands. The hydrogen tank unit is part of the HyMove project. The first public hydrogen filling station has opened in...

  4. News
    07 January 2011

    Amsterdam’s commitment to EV’s rewarded (The Netherlands)

    315 reads During its last exhibition, the Worldwide Association for Electric Vehicles congratulated the city of Amsterdam for its commitment to electric vehicles. Each year actors in the field of...

  5. News
    10 January 2011

    Biggest bicycle shed in Europe opens in the Netherlands

    299 reads Under the forecourt of Haarlem railway station the largest bicycle shed in Europe is now open with 4,000 cycle parking places, with plans to expand this number to nearly 8,000 in a few months....

  6. News
    27 January 2011

    New car sharing scheme for Rotterdam's students (The Netherlands)

    876 reads Stadswonen and StudentCar have signed an agreement allowing the student housing department of Rotterdam to introduce a car sharing-car at some student home locations. The initiative is designed to...

  7. News
    28 January 2011

    Utrecht introduces electric taxis (The Netherlands)

    356 reads A pilot project involving electric taxis has recently begun the city of Utrecht. Prestige Taxi has invested in 40 electric vehicles and charging stations. During the pilot project several studies...

  8. News
    31 January 2011

    IKEA tests cargo bike in Delft (The Netherlands)

    9878 reads IKEA, the Swedish furniture store has recently, introduced a ‘cargo-bike’ rental scheme for customers at its Delft store so they can ‘pedal’ their purchased furniture home. Currently, they are...

  9. News
    03 February 2011

    Bicycle path generates power (The Netherlands)

    388 reads The first 'solar road'- a bicycle path built from solar panels- in the Netherlands will be piloted in 2012 in Krommenie. Based on a concept developed in the United States, a solar road...

  10. News
    10 February 2011

    Traffic is the largest source of CO2 emissions in 40% of Dutch municipalities (The Netherlands)

    504 reads One fifth of all CO2 emissions in the Netherlands are caused by traffic and in many municipalities, this percentage is considerably higher. In order to realise local and national climate change...