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  1. News
    18 February 2011

    National Transport Infrastructure Strategy for France is now available for consultation

    666 reads A new version of the draft National Transport Infrastructure Strategy for France is now available for consultation. The strategy will define the policies, objectives and major investments in...

  2. News
    05 May 2011

    New trucks reduces fuel consumption by 24% (France)

    of goods within the hour. Source: Transport News Network France Urban mobility planning ...

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    17 June 2011

    Private finance initiative: nowhere else but in Reims? (France)

    388 reads Construction of the Reims tramway was financed by a private finance initiative (PFI). It is the first urban transport infrastructure in France to be financed in such a way, but with its operators...

  4. News
    11 May 2012

    Creil reorganises transport network to offer better quality of service (France)

    497 reads The agglomeration of Creil has carried out a complete overhaul of its public transport network. This was in response to a study which showed that it no longer met the needs of the population. In...

  5. News
    20 November 2012

    Mayor of Paris to battle traffic and air pollution (France)

    2530 reads By presenting a comprehensive action plan which aims to ban cars older than 17 years from Paris, the mayor of Paris, Bertrand Delenoe, wants to reduce traffic and air pollution in his city. Paris...

  6. News
    08 April 2013

    Stakeholder consultation for sustainable development of Paris region (France)

    1413 reads In February politicians, experts and members of the public convened to discuss the major mobility challenges of the Ile-de-France region. The forum is part of a series of five, designed to...

  7. News
    30 September 2013

    Urban mobility planning in Brest (France)

    4750 reads The annual CIVITAS Forum conference is kicking off in Brest, France today. We are taking the opportunity to throw a spotlight at the city’s experience with urban mobility planning. After the...

  8. News
    31 March 2014

    New bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and buses opens in Poitiers (France)

    3055 reads An important part of Poitier's bus system, the bridge took two years to complete at a cost of €28 million. The bridge connects the city's TGV station and the city centre and features...

  9. News
    22 December 2014

    Paris mayor calls for diesel ban by 2020 (France)

    3188 reads The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, wants to ban diesel cars in the French capital by 2020 and create pedestrianised areas in the city centre to tackle pollution. In an interview with the Journal...

  10. News
    08 August 2018

    Bombardier and Île-de-France Mobilités modernise commuter trains in Paris

    1026 reads Paris commuters to benefit from modernised trains in an effort to manage urban congestion. Rail technology company, Bombardier Transportation, has received an order for 36 Francilien train sets...