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    18 February 2014

    Innovation in urban mobility

    2868 reads The EU recognises that urban transport plays a fundamental role in meeting the objectives of economic competitiveness, social cohesion and sustainable growth. In accordance with the subsidiarity...

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    08 January 2014

    Promoting and enhancing urban sustainability

    1646 reads The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) is an online toolkit designed to help cities promote and enhance their work on integrated sustainable urban development. With...

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    01 September 2014

    Public transport in small and medium-sized cities

    5301 reads The EPTA Project Position Paper is designed to assist rural areas and small to medium-sized cities who want to develop Public Transport Authorities (PTAs), with the goal of increasing the...

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    11 September 2014

    Cycle-friendly design

    3754 reads Well-designed infrastructure can increase the attractiveness of cycling, as cyclists and would-be cyclists recognise that environments have been made safer and more pleasant to travel in....

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    23 October 2014

    CIVITAS guide for the urban transport professional

    7031 reads For city authority mobility professionals, this CIVITAS handbook provides numerous examples of successful mobility measures that, embedded in urban mobility policies, add substance to the...

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    12 November 2014

    SUMP guidelines for policy makers

    4307 reads The SHAPE-IT project has developed a report focussing on local authorities’ approaches to their policy-making process, specifically in which ways and to what extent there is collaboration between...

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    11 December 2014

    Developing sustainable urban mobility in poly-centric regions

    7805 reads It is not only cities that can be involved in sustainable urban mobility planning; regions with several urban centres can benefit significantly from this process, as goods and services (and...

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    06 June 2014


    Active Access / Harry Schiffer 1969 reads Urban mobility planning http://www.active-access.eu ...

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    06 June 2014

    Data gathering

    PORTAL / ELTIS 1783 reads Urban mobility planning http://eltis.org ...

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    06 June 2014

    Air quality data gathering 1

    PORTAL / ELTIS 1829 reads Urban mobility planning http://eltis.org ...