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  1. Event
    24 February 2011

    Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations

    1824 reads Language English BIOSIRE International Workshop English The fourth and last Biosire International Workshop will be dedicated to Sustainable transport as marketing element for tourist destinations...

  2. Event
    27 June 2012

    CDP Cities Europe report

    diana.guzman@cdproject.net www.cdproject.net/en-US/News/Pages/events Italy Rome 27 Jun 2012- 01:01 Clean and energy-efficient ...

  3. Event
    23 June 2013

    22nd European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

    applications and impacts on the environment. The event is supported by European and international organizations ...

  4. Event
    27 October 2014

    5th Florence Urban Forum

    8612 reads Language English Energy Efficiency in Urban Public Transport English Security of energy supply as well as reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission is currently high on the European policy...

  5. Event
    06 February 2015

    Smart cities, smart regulation?

    6645 reads Language English Florence School of Regulation Conference English Smart city is a concept that is currently very topical and that seems to be the direction in which urbanisation is going. However...

  6. Event
    17 October 2016

    Smart Mobility World 2016

    management Registration Event webpage Friend of Eltis Simone Bosetti Tuesday, October 18, 2016 ...

  7. Event
    16 June 2017

    6th Florence Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures

    7011 reads Language English Regulatory challenges for smart cities English The de- and re-regulation of the different network industries is an ongoing process at national and global level. As this process...

  8. Event
    18 October 2018

    Plugboat 2018

    1404 reads Language English The World Electric and Hybrid Boat Summit English There are clearly a lot of activities related to electric boats happening all around the world but no one can find a place where...

  9. Event
    13 September 2018

    Citytech 13- 14 September, 2018

    may contribute to improving quality of life. The event consists of a CONFERENCE & ...

  10. Event
    24 October 2019

    Venice City Solutions 2019

    https://www.uclg.org/en/media/events/venice-city-solutions-2019 External ... from 36 countries to Venice, to discuss the need to finance the SDGs at the local level. The event will ... on attending the...