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    13 September 2018

    Belgian first: An autonomous vehicle uses a public road

    1249 reads In a first for Belgium, an autonomous vehicle is being  used on a public road to take visitors to a tourist site, the Caves of Han, in the south of the country. The shuttle is an experiment being...

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    08 October 2018

    Brussels car-free day saw an 80 % decrease in black carbon

    4369 reads The Brussels capital region is free of cars – well, it was for one day at least... The city took the opportunity of EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK  to have its car-free Sunday on 16 September 2018 and...

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    10 December 2018

    Belgium introduces further alternatives to the company car

    1061 reads The Belgian federal government is taking action to provide alternatives for those employees that currently use company cars. Two initiatives, the Mobility Budget and the Mobility Allowance, have...

  4. News
    14 January 2019

    Flanders introduces new regulatory framework for Regional SUMPs

    1163 reads The Belgian Region of Flanders has introduced a new regional regulatory framework for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs), which builds on its already extensive experience in this area. ...

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    21 January 2019

    E-commerce poses a challenge to reducing congestion in Brussels

    1176 reads In spite of a recent decline in overall car use in Brussels in recent years, congestion in the Belgian capital is still growing. Recent numbers from Brussels Mobility show that car use dropped by...

  6. News
    28 January 2019

    Leuven to install 50 “mobility hubs” to foster multimodality

    6260 reads The Belgian City of Leuven plans to introduce 50 mobility hubs over the next three years in order to improve multimodality in the city. The hubs will bring together different transport modes in...

  7. News
    26 April 2019

    New regional mobility plan for Brussels approved and to open for public consultation

    1162 reads On 4 April 2019, the Government of the Brussels-Capital Region approved "Good Move", the regional mobility plan for the period until 2028. The plan focuses on safety and quality of life...

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    29 April 2019

    Ghent will ban most polluting cars from the city centre

    901 reads In April 2019, the City of Ghent in Belgium announced plans to introduce a low emission zone in the city centre. To gain access, petrol and natural gas vehicles will be required to comply with the...

  9. News
    03 July 2019

    REMOURBAN contributes to new Smart City Guidance Package

    321 reads In early May the European Committee of the Regions held a high-level event to launch the Smart City Guidance Package, a roadmap for integrated planning and implementation for Smart City projects....

  10. News
    19 August 2019

    Cycling in Leuven increases by 32% following its ban on through traffic

    645 reads A traffic circulation plan introduced in the Belgian city of Leuven in 2016 has led to an increase in cycling of 32% in just one year, partly thanks to a ban on through car traffic. With its 100...