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  1. Video
    05 June 2014

    White Paper on the future of the European Transport Policy

    9687 reads Europe-wide Other DG Move Clean and energy-efficient vehicles ...

  2. Video
    11 July 2017

    FREVUE- FReight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe

    In the framework of the European project FREVUE (FReight Electric Vehicles in Urban Europe), urban logistics operators tested fully electric vehicles for their daily delivery operations in eight of Europe’s...

  3. Photo
    19 August 2015

    Input terminal in electric car

    Walter Koehn 1396 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Image copyright: Walter Koehn-, licensed under CC BY 2.0 Europe-wide ...

  4. News
    07 December 2010

    New website to identify greener and more efficient vehicles

    336 reads The European Commission has launched an easy-to-use website to help public authorities and anyone who cares about the environment choose the cleanest and most energy-efficient vehicles available:...

  5. News
    14 December 2010

    Market support for clean and energy-efficient vehicles

    348 reads Clean and energy-efficient vehicles are essential if the European Union is to achieve its 2020 targets for improving energy efficiency, increasing the market share of renewable energy sources, and...

  6. News
    05 January 2011

    Results of Eurotest’s Pedestrian Crossings Assessment 2010

    439 reads One in five pedestrian crossings failed this year's EuroTest assignment, the worst result since testing started in 2008, highlighting the need for urgent improvements. The EuroTest Pedestrian...

  7. News
    18 January 2011

    IEE 2011 call for proposals is open

    289 reads The call for proposals 2011 for actions under the Intelligent Energy- Europe programme is now open. For STEER projects dealing with energy in transport the indicative budget is EUR 12 million....

  8. News
    20 January 2011

    Mobility and Transport: this year's challenges by Director-General Mathias Ruethe

    223 reads 2011 will be an important year to prepare for the medium-term future. Early on, it will see the Commission presenting its White Paper on the Future of Transport that will detail EU's...

  9. News
    25 January 2011

    New report says radical cuts in fuel consumption for global car fleet are possible

    234 reads A target to improve average fuel economy for the entire global light duty vehicle fleet by at least 50% by 2050 is achievable using existing cost effective technologies, according to a new report...

  10. News
    01 February 2011

    Expert group report: Alternative fuels could replace fossil fuels in Europe by 2050

    271 reads Alternative fuels have the potential to gradually replace fossil energy sources and make transport sustainable by 2050, according to a report presented to the European Commission by the...