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    23 December 2010

    Steal the Road: on-line creative contest for bike enthusiasts

    358 reads Launched by IndieUp, an Italian independent platform of green products, the on-line contest “Steal the Road” is addressed to all copywriters and creative artists who want to live in cities with...

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    24 December 2010

    France to pilot low emission zones

    456 reads French Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development, Transport and Housing, and the president of ADEME, have announced the names of the six urban areas which have been selected to pilot Air...

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    25 January 2011

    EC releases results from Urban Freight and Logistics Conference

    343 reads On the 16-17th of November 2010, the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency hosted a conference on urban freight transport and logistics in Brussels. The conference brought together high...

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    27 January 2011

    New car sharing scheme for Rotterdam's students (The Netherlands)

    876 reads Stadswonen and StudentCar have signed an agreement allowing the student housing department of Rotterdam to introduce a car sharing-car at some student home locations. The initiative is designed to...

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    20 January 2011

    Policy, not market alone, must dictate future transport emissions

    352 reads Existing technologies could reduce emissions of CO2 and air pollutants from land transport by almost a third. But, reductions will not be delivered through markets alone, according to a recent...

  6. News
    29 March 2011

    Heavy trucks banned from entering Wroclaw during rush hours (Poland)

    563 reads From March 2011, trucks heavier than 18-tonnes cannot enter the Polish city of Wroclaw during rush hours. This follows a successful implementation of the ban in Warsaw. In order to reduce...

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    27 April 2011

    Pick Pack Point- delivery points for Internet-based orders (Hungary)

    1120 reads Pick Pack Point is now available in 87 cities and 224 locations in Hungary. Goods ordered through the internet will be deposited at these points, and customers can pick them up at their...

  8. News
    18 May 2011

    Gigaliner declared roadworthy (Germany)

    1272 reads The German inspection authorities TÜV have assessed the giant gigaliner trucks as suitable for German roads following their use in 8 German states. An original pilot of the gigaliner trucks,...

  9. News
    31 May 2011

    Polish railway company PKP Cargo modernises 130 diesel locomotives. (Poland)

    1127 reads PKP Cargo- Polish railway company operating goods transportation- has signed 3 contracts for modernising of 130 diesel locomotives. The aim is to reduce in fuel consumption by 30%. The...

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    31 May 2011

    Wroclaw continues eliminating heavy traffic in the city centre (Poland)

    555 reads Next month restrictions on heavy traffic entering the city are set to tighten. The city of Wroclaw has decided to limit the amount of heavy traffic on its streets. In March 2011 a periodic ban on...