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  1. Case study
    10 July 2015
  2. Case study
    23 November 2015
  3. Case study
    06 April 2017
  4. Case study
    30 May 2017
  5. Case study
    10 September 2019
  6. Case study
    11 September 2019
  7. Event
    06 October 2011

    CORPUS Workshop on Sustainable Mobility

    Language English 690 reads Policy Meets Research English The upcoming workshop deals with policy instruments and strategies to promote sustainable mobility and offers: learning from good policy practices in...

  8. Event
    19 October 2011

    Attractive Urban Public Transport for Accessible Cities

    Language English 464 reads Launching Conference of ATTAC project: Plotting a new course for public transportation English The launch aims to formally present the Attractive Urban Public Transport for...

  9. Event
    29 March 2012

    Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans- Awareness Raising Workshop

    223 reads Language English Hungarian A Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a way of tackling transport-related problems in urban areas more efficiently. Building on existing practices and regulatory...

  10. Event
    07 June 2012

    Active Access Training Event

    704 reads Language English Promoting walking & cycling in your region English This free 2-day training event is about how to encourage and promote walking and cycling and is based on the findings of the...