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  1. Case study
    07 February 2012

    Cargo-Tram and E-Tram. bulky and electric waste collection by tram in Zurich (Switzerland)

    3158 reads Urban freight/city logistics Switzerland Zürich freight quality partnerships last-mile solutions (to customer) nearby delivery areas on-street loading bays Introduced in April 2003, the Cargo...

  2. Case study
    19 September 2007

    Delivering goods by cargo tram in Amsterdam (Netherlands)

    5267 reads Urban freight/city logistics Netherlands Amsterdam Alternative fuel vehicles last-mile solutions (to customer) multimodal transport From 7-31 March 2007, CityCargo Amsterdam held a pilot project...

  3. Case study
    08 July 2008

    Transporting cargo by e-bike in Berlin (Germany)

    1311 reads Walking and cycling Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Urban freight/city logistics Germany Berlin drive train – electric drive train – energy storage fuels – electric energy conventional...

  4. Case study
    05 April 2011

    The introduction of IKEA rental transporters encourages environmentally friendly shopping in Austria

    1910 reads Urban freight/city logistics Clean and energy-efficient vehicles Austria Graz drive train – hybrid electric drive train – internal combustion engine conventional fuel (energy) reduction reduction...

  5. Case study
    23 June 2011

    Socially responsible and sustainable recycling in Bucharest (Romania)

    920 reads Walking and cycling Urban freight/city logistics Launched by ViitorPlus NGO as a pilot project in September 2009, RECICLETA is the first carbon-neutral initiative in Romania. With the help of...

  6. Case study
    28 February 2012

    Silent inner-city overnight deliveries in Barcelona (Spain)

    4617 reads Urban freight/city logistics Spain Barcelona nearby delivery areas night deliveries on-street loading bays regulations (weight size loading time emissions) In 2003 the Municipality of Barcelona...

  7. Case study
    22 March 2012

    The food distribution model of Borlänge. Sweden

    723 reads Urban freight/city logistics Sweden Borlänge freight quality partnerships ITS solutions night deliveries routing and scheduling urban consolidation centres The municipality of Borlänge have...

  8. Case study
    05 July 2012

    Ecologistics: Parma's integrated and systemic green urban delivery scheme (Italy)

    1741 reads Urban freight/city logistics Italy Parma Alternative fuel vehicles freight quality partnerships last-mile solutions (to customer) regulations (weight size loading time emissions) urban...

  9. Case study
    03 September 2012

    Urban hub BentoBox fosters more sustainable urban freight delivery in Berlin (Germany)

    2382 reads Urban freight/city logistics Intermodality Germany Berlin coordination and cooperation last-mile solutions (to customer) multimodal transport nearby delivery areas urban consolidation centres...

  10. Case study
    26 September 2012

    Reducing road damage with Włocławek's weigh-in-motion system (Poland)

    1048 reads Urban freight/city logistics In 2010 a new weigh-in-motion system for vehicles was launched in Włocławek. The system allows overloaded vehicles to be identified in order to prevent road damage...