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    04 January 2011

    Shared Space Institute is taken over by NHL University (The Netherlands)

    1786 reads The Shared Space Institute in Drachten, founded in 2009, has been taken over by the NHL University in Leeurwarden. The institute focused on research and development of Shared Space and has...

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    07 January 2011

    London to be the electric car capital (United Kingdom)

    371 reads The Mayor of London launched Source London, an initiative to make London the electric car capital. The ultimate aim is for every Londoner to be within one mile of a charge point. In 2009, the...

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    21 January 2011

    Gdynia modernises bus fleet (Poland)

    397 reads The transportation company of Gdynia has purchased 4 new environmentally friendly articulated buses powered by compressed natural gas. The transportation company of Gdynia has purchased 4 new...

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    03 February 2011

    Bicycle path generates power (The Netherlands)

    388 reads The first 'solar road'- a bicycle path built from solar panels- in the Netherlands will be piloted in 2012 in Krommenie. Based on a concept developed in the United States, a solar road...

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    25 July 2011

    €107 million for bicycle parking at railway stations (The Netherlands)

    560 reads The Dutch transport minister Schultz van Haegen has reserved €107 million until 2020 to invest in additional bicycle parking at Dutch railway stations. A recent study estimated that 140.000 to 260...

  6. News
    19 August 2011

    EPOMM e-update on intermodality

    of the European Platform on Mobility Management (EPOMM). It is available in EN, FR, DE, HU and IT. ... Sign up at Source: EPOMM (EN) Picture source: CIVITAS Europe...

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    18 October 2011

    Guildford train station to welcome the first Brompton Bike Dock scheme (UK)

    733 reads South West Trains has launched a self-service ‘bike dock’ at Guildford train station. The dock is the latest stage of a partnership between the rail company and folding cycle manufacturer Brompton...

  8. News
    26 October 2011

    Montbéliard inaugurates 'à la carte' travel system (France)

    that “the general idea is that people can go and buy travelling time at their local news stand as they ...

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    01 November 2011

    Rochdale Interchange project: greener than green (UK)

    594 reads A new interchange at Rochdale could be the first in Europe to be powered by hydro-electricity. Using public transport already is a green choice and it now has the potential to be even greener in...

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    04 November 2011

    First Park and Ride construction in Wroclaw will start next year (Poland)

    783 reads Citizens of Wroclaw who live in Psie Pole, one of the furthest housing estates from the town centre, will receive parking spaces for cars and bicycles to encourage them to use the train for...