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Resultados de la búsqueda

  1. News
    09 December 2010

    Study highlights safety effects from switching car trips to cycling (The Netherlands)

    426 reads Substituting a small number of short car trips to cycling affects the number of fatalities and serious road injuries. The SWOV-Study, based on data from the Netherlands provides a first and rough...

  2. News
    15 June 2011

    Improvements for Mazovia Railways' passengers with reduced mobility (Poland)

    662 reads Mazovian Railways has introduced new improvements for passengers with reduced mobility. In addition, everyone can now plan their train journey using a new internet or telephone service. Mazovian...

  3. News
    12 July 2011

    Warsaw underground to install warning elements for the blind (Poland)

    611 reads Throughout the holidays, subway stations in Warsaw (Poland) will be closed one after another in order to equip platform edges with safety “bubbles” and reflective stripes. Subway platforms will be...

  4. News
    25 July 2011

    Dynamic travel information for the visually impaired (the Netherlands)

    578 reads The city of Leiden will soon start a trial with the new information system (BlueDRIS) for the visually impaired. BlueDRIS offers up-to-date travel information information via bluetooth. As part of...

  5. News
    26 January 2012

    ISEMOA scheme on accessible mobility is currently being tested

    792 reads The ISEMOA project (co-funded within Steer under IEE) develops a quality management system aiming to support local and regional authorities to improve their work towards accessible mobility....

  6. News
    23 February 2012

    Blue assistance in public transport (Belgium)

    525 reads After a successful pilot project in 2011, the Flemish public transport company De Lijn will introduce BlueAssist, a recognisable icon that supports people in need to request assistance from the...

  7. News
    06 March 2012

    Special button for blind passengers on Krakow’s trams (Poland)

    543 reads Since mid-February blind passengers on Krakow’s public transport have been able to test a door sound system for easy location of the entrance. The aim is to make getting on the trams easy for all...

  8. News
    05 April 2012

    Collecting & analysing data to describe the accessibility of transport in Europe

    436 reads The latest tool available to download from Eltis helps practitioners collect and analyse data on the accessibility of transport in their region. The EU-funded Mediate project sought to establish a...

  9. News
    11 April 2012

    The urban mobility network Polis calls for action on active travel and health

    436 reads Polis has released a position which calls upon European institutions and actors to take action to ensure that the promotion of health benefits of active travel are maximised in all relevant...

  10. News
    11 April 2012

    Increased accessibility in Pavia through satellite solutions (Italy)

    533 reads The Italian city of Pavia provides accurate, up-to-date information on accessibility using satellite navigation. In cooperation with “MapAbility”, 25km in total have been mapped in the city centre...