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    07 January 2011

    Amsterdam’s commitment to EV’s rewarded (The Netherlands)

    315 reads During its last exhibition, the Worldwide Association for Electric Vehicles congratulated the city of Amsterdam for its commitment to electric vehicles. Each year actors in the field of...

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    10 January 2011

    Biggest bicycle shed in Europe opens in the Netherlands

    299 reads Under the forecourt of Haarlem railway station the largest bicycle shed in Europe is now open with 4,000 cycle parking places, with plans to expand this number to nearly 8,000 in a few months....

  3. News
    31 January 2011

    IKEA tests cargo bike in Delft (The Netherlands)

    9878 reads IKEA, the Swedish furniture store has recently, introduced a ‘cargo-bike’ rental scheme for customers at its Delft store so they can ‘pedal’ their purchased furniture home. Currently, they are...

  4. News
    12 October 2011

    €5 million for the promotion of hydrogen fuel (The Netherlands)

    263 reads The Dutch minister for Infrastructure and Environment has reserved €5 million for promoting the use of hydrogen as a fuel. This way, The Netherlands could, together with its neighbouring countries...

  5. News
    15 November 2011

    Car2go conquers Amsterdam with 300 electric shared vehicles (The Netherlands)

    366 reads On 24 November, car2go is launched in Amsterdam. Amsterdam is the fifth location of the car2go service and the first city in Europe with a fully electric fleet. The 300 electric shared cars can be...

  6. News
    10 April 2012

    Diverse results in first stage of pilot project on hybrid and electric cars (The Netherlands)

    279 reads The first results of 18 months of a pilot project on hybrid and electric cars are not very encouraging: many technical problems have prevented the cars from driving and the promised action radius...

  7. News
    27 June 2012

    Train or car? Dutch Railways compares CO2 emissions (The Netherlands)

    708 reads On 20 June 2012, the Dutch Railways added an extra option to their online route planner. The 'CO2-comparer' contrasts CO2 emissions caused by train trips with the emissions of multiple...

  8. News
    17 May 2013

    Rotterdam launches ECOSTARS fleet recognition scheme (Netherlands)

    1273 reads Lower energy use, less cost, fewer carbon emissions and better air quality are the objectives of the ECOSTARS fleet recognition scheme which Rotterdam has set up under the umbrella of the...

  9. News
    25 June 2013

    TIDE city in the spotlight: Rotterdam (the Netherlands)

    853 reads The first issue of the TIDE newsletter puts a spotlight on Rotterdam, the lead city for TIDE Cluster 4 on Electric Mobility. The city of Rotterdam’s sustainable mobility policy aims to reduce the...

  10. News
    28 August 2013

    City region Arnhem-Nijmegen extends subsidy for CNG vehicles to private households (The Netherlands)

    1006 reads The city region of Arnhem-Nijmegen is granting a subsidy for private cars powered by compressed natural gas (CNG). Businesses as well as private households can apply for the subsidy. In the past,...